Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Thamreen Siddiqui

Lincolnwood - Thamreen thamreen1@yahoo.com
773.744.7433 (c)

Thamreen Siddiqui has a Masters in Social Work and previous experience managing social services for CIOGC. She has also worked extensively with refugees as a staffer with Catholic Charities.

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Sabina Abdul Qadir

Sabina Qadir, a mother of two and a lawyer by education, has been incredibly active in the Muslim and Non-Muslim Community in various roles.

Her efforts include chairing the ICN Girls Club for ages 8-12, serving as Director of Community Service on the MWA Board, organizing a plethora of community service events for IMAN, UMMA and MWA and creating a staple program related to Islam at her children's school - Avery Coonely.

AT AVERY COONLEY Besides doing Islam/ Eid presentations for the past 10 years at Avery Coonely in her children's classes, she began organizing Eid lunches for the staff, towards which all the Muslim parents at the school contributed. That combined with an educational "Show and Tell" component for the teachers, has grown to become a staple at the school. She has been invited back by staff to present beyond Eid, during Social Studies.

Sabina has organized annual food and Eid gift drives for UMMA, MWA and IMAN, for the needy. As Board Member and Director of Social Services at MWA she, most recently, organized 6 community service events in 6 weeks around and during Ramadan 2009.

Rush for Rewards included serving breakfast at a homeless shelter and having kids put on a talent show at a children's hospital. In the Muslim community, she organized an Iftaar at a SouthSide mosque, cleaned up a food pantry, spearheaded an Eid Grocery Drive for refugees and more. Several thousands of dollars worth of grocery were distributed/ collected as monetary donations. She ran this Eid Grocery Drive as a collaboration between Arab American Service Committee, MWA, ICN, Refugee Assistance Program and ICNA.

She has been with ICN girls club for 2 years as an organizer. Here she had the children volunteer and visit nursing homes for seniors, participate in a project for the organization "Feed my Starving Children", had the girls run a mock election, organized eid parties, arranged for the girls to take archery and more.